Editor-in-Chief Greeting


Dear colleagues and friends,

our journal was created in order to give us, the teachers and lecturers of high schools and universities, an opportunity to discuss complex and controversial problems of language theory and its teaching practice, to distribute our research and teaching achievements. The rubrics of the journal were formed in accordance with your papers’ themes, covering main areas of language, literature and linguocultural studies. It is very important for us that these spheres of research and teaching are not only coexisting in the journal, but are promoting necessary interrelations and showing creative potential of the Russian language.  We have brought in a new rubric “Peoples, Languages, Cultures” in order to present interlingual relations of the peoples of Russian Federation and foreign countries, and this section also includes essays on university and school education in many “culture nests” of Russia. Taken together, they could already compile a huge volume devoted to the most important and interesting areas of cultural life of our country.

We are thankful to all our authors for supporting their colleagues’ creativity, journal’s tonus, for determining directions of scholarly and methodological research. We are waiting for your papers, and are ready to examine them with all due care and benevolence.

Kira A. Rogova